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Daily Fresh - Dailee


Dailee has a wide range of flavours. Every flavour is unique and refreshing, it tastes so good you would want more! The products are genuine and prepared completely from natural substances. When you take Dailee juices you are not only killing boredom but also being nourished. All our beverages are untouched by hands, providing you with a longer shelf life and concealing the original taste of the fruits. Our beverages are homogenized and pasteurized to ensure uniformity and zero microbial activity hence thoroughly safe.

Dailee has a wide range of juices and soda for every occasion. Our mango juice is made from rich Alphonso mangoes. These are handpicked delight for a sweet experience. It makes a great welcome juice, also an easy pick for a sweet tooth with low calories!

Dailee apple juice is a perfectly distilled concoction that tickles your taste buds. Thunder fizzy has a twist to the traditional apple juice, Why not a quotient of excitement when possible. This refreshing juice has a dash of nourishment so definitely a healthy choice to quench your thirst.

Dailee real pink guava has the goodness of pulp and traces of antioxidants to keep you young and energised!

Dailee lemon and lemonade have the perfect citrusy punch that can enhance any mocktail in the blink of an eye. Whether you want to quench your thirst or make another glass of virgin mojito Dailee lemon would be the best choice ever!

Dailee orange gives a burst of flavour perfect for your kitty party. This bubbly flavour will make you drink until the very last drop!

Family functions are never over without the smell of roses especially paneer rose. Our Dailee Meriba comes with a strong note of paneer rose, you will feel the celebration with every sip…

Our collection of juices will never be complete without the flavour of grapes. Hand-Picked grapes are brewed to a pleasant drink for an ecstatic feel.

Have you forgotten betel leaves and nuts? We have our club soda and Jeera for you. Complete your meal with our thirst quenchers. Let it be hot summer or full tummy, our soda will rescue you!